Top 25 Free SketchUp Plugins for Modeling

Top 25 Free SketchUp Plugins for Modeling – Sketchup became one of the world’s most widely used 3D modeling software products. This is thanks to its intuitive toolbar, interdisciplinary use within the creative industry (not just architects) and having a free version that doesn’t use watermarks.

SketchUp is one of the easiest, fastest, and most popular 3D modeling software. Its tools and interface are simple and easy to deal with for the beginners. However, as work starts to get a bit more complicated, these simple tools might become a hindrance. So, you might consider these simple tips to easily improve your SketchUp skills. That is when SketchUp plugins or extensions come into the picture. These plugins are created by users who noticed the shortcomings of the default tools on Sketchup and decided to solve them.

Now, using such plugins is essential for faster and better results. Once you have grasped how they work, you will realize how much time they could save you. Doing basic repetitive tasks like extruding (push/pull) multiple surfaces or creating offsets and multiple copies will be your job no more. Insert your data, and the plugins will do their magic in a blink of an eye.

Top 25 Free SketchUp Plugins for Modeling

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We’re going to introduce you to Top 25 Free SketchUp Plugins for Modeling

Angular Dimension

This free SketchUp plugins seems so basic that it’s surprising this wasn’t already included with Sketchup, but someone actually took the time to program a plugin to fix it. Developed by the user SLBaumgartner, this plugin allows you to calculate and draw angles on the surface of a volume.

Chain Along Path

This free SketchUp plugins Created by 3dalbertsoft, this plugin allows you to create a helical turbine by selecting a curve and a predefined shape in SketchUp. A dialog window lets you choose numerous parameters to create the final shape. We think it is quite useful to define seams, seals, springs, tensioners and cables. And there’s a YouTube tutorial!

Sketchy FFD

This free SketchUp plugins Sketchy FFD adds a “control cage” to an object, allowing you to create complex curved, forms from gridded surfaces. It raises the possibility of creating domes, arches or free-flowing organic shapes constructed from “weaved” elements or mesh.

Memory Copy

This free SketchUp plugins Memory Copy allows you to copy not only geometry, but also transformations such as the resizing or rotation of said geometry — the tool can “remember” your last move and duplicate it. This makes it a breeze to construct a sweeping staircase or a perfect stack of Jenga blocks!

JHS Power Bar

This free SketchUp plugins Among its many functions, this hugely useful plugin enables you to create an array along a path. A series of components can be quickly placed in a predefined arrangement, perfect for balustrades like the one shown above.

Follow Me and Rotate

This free SketchUp plugins Create detailed rope, twine and ornate balusters with Wikii’s amazing plugin, which combines the traditional “Follow Me” tool with a rotating action to produce twisting geometry.

Multiple Offsets

This free SketchUp plugins Sam D Mitch’s add-on gives you the ability to offset many faces of an object at once, making it possible to create complex, coffered forms like the sphere illustrated in this GIF — ideal for your model of the Pantheon dome!

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Helix Along Curve

This free SketchUp plugins One of the most ingenious plugins on this list, Helix Along Curve enables you to create helix tubing along a predefined path. When combined with Bezier Spline and Component Stringer add-ons, you can also model a perfect chain with individual links.

Edge Tools²

This free SketchUp plugins ThomThom’s handy palette of edge-related tools saves you time in multiple ways, enabling quick simplification of imported DWG site plans, the ability to split a face into multiple planes, and — most significantly — highlighting of imperfections so you can clean up your model in a flash.

Section Cut Face

This free SketchUp plugins Simply add a face to your section plane with this useful plugin. The face can be quickly modified, changing its color for presentation purposes, and it can also be set to update automatically as you edit your model.

SubD and QuadFaceTools

This free SketchUp plugins When combined with the QuadFaceTools plugin, SubD can be used to produce curvilinear volumes like the one shown above with clean, rationalized subdivisions. This is helpful when modeling complex domes and parametric shells.

CLF Shape Bender

This free SketchUp plugins Chirs Fullmer’s amazing tool allows you to bend an entire component or group, so you can create bespoke windows, doors and details for curved walls and roofs.


This free SketchUp plugins Another brilliant extension created by Fredo6, Animator enables you to creating moving parts with your SketchUp model with ease. Simply create the first and last frames of the movement you want, then hit play and watch your dynamic model shift into motion.

LSS Matrix

This free SketchUp plugins Created by Kirill B, LSS Matrix allows you to create a sequence of chained components by simply updating the parent block. As the GIF accompanying this description demonstrates, you can create a spiral staircase by creating a block with two steps and then choosing the number of copies. You can learn how in 2 minutes with this tutorial on Youtube.

Quad Face Tool

This free SketchUp plugins Created by ThomThom, this plugin solves one of Sketchup’s major shortcomings: its trouble working with non-flat quad surfaces. With Quad Face Tool we create figures with continuous edges as topographies or, as we see in the GIF that accompanies this description, give a much more real surface to a helmet that was originally reticulated. Yes, there is a Youtube tutorial!


This free SketchUp plugins In 2012, Google sold Sketchup to Trimble Navigation. Although this case is not a plugin, it is a good example of the positive synergy Sketchup achieved with Google: the “Location” tool allows you to choose the satellite image of the place your project is going to end up by entering an exact address in Google Maps. Then, with a click, you can replicate the actual topography of that location. Very useful.


This free SketchUp plugins Created by Chris Fullmer, this plugin allows you to replicate a component onto a surface. As in previous cases, when editing the base component, the rest are automatically updated. Highly recommended for designing parameterized façades.

Camer Tools

This free SketchUp plugins Another one by ThomThom, this plugin offers a series of new cameras for your projects’ animations.


This free SketchUp plugins Created by Fredo6, this plugin generates parameterized volumes when selecting a series of curves on a 3D model. Once created, it offers nine different possibilities, including the possibility to redefine its final thickness. Very useful for designing furniture.

Purge All

This free SketchUp plugins This plugin, also, rids your model of all the unused components, layers, and materials or whatever you choose it to remove. It, also, shows an optional report, listing the removed items.

Fredo Tools

This free SketchUp plugins This extension by Fredo6 gives a variety of handy options of no specific category. It groups a set of standalone plugins.

Architect Tools

This free SketchUp plugins can be helpful with advanced or urban scale uses. It creates buildings, merges them, and deals with contours and terrains, imported from 2D CAD files.


This free SketchUp plugins literally cleans up your model, like for example it removes the hidden and duplicated lines, delete lonely edges, and merge surfaces on the same plane.

Bezier Spline

This free SketchUp plugins gives you a wider variety of line drawing options which include Polylines, Bezier and Spline curves. These baselines can be useful to create unique forms.


This free SketchUp plugins Like the Weld option in 3Ds Max, this plugin makes it possible to turn a set of connected lines and arcs into a single polyline.

Finally, make sure to check out the guidelines and manuals by the developers to understand the full potential of these SketchUp plugins and good luck with your modeling!

So the information we can convey, hopefully useful about Top 25 Free SketchUp Plugins for Modeling above

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