Easy Ways to Create Sketchup Animations in Enscape

Easy Ways to Create Sketchup Animations in Enscape – Today,I’m going to show you how to create an animation in Enscape 2.3 for Sketchup.

Enscape is a real-time rendering and virtual reality plugin for Revit, SketchUp, Rhino, Archicad, and Vectorworks. It plugs instantly into your simulate application, giving you an integrated visualization and design workflow.

How to Create Sketchup Animations in Enscape

Let’s get started. First, start Enscape by pressing this button here.

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Then you can see an interface with instructions on how to use Enscape. Before I set up my Camera Path, I will turn on Synchronize Views using this button here. This way, I can use Sketchup scenes as key frames for my camera Path in Enscape. Now let’s press K to bring up the Video Editor and add a key frame by clicking on this button.

You can see that the first key frame has been added to the timeline here To add another key frame, just move to the camera to the next position, or use an existing view in Sketchup and click this button again, or press K on your keyboard.

You can see that the second key frame is added at the end here There we go, just repeat this process to add more key frames to create your camera path.

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If we zoom out a bit, we can see the camera path like so. Pretty cool, huh? Now we can use this button to preview the animation in real-time. There are also controls here that you can use to add effects to the camera movement, The Shaky camera option simulates the natural movement similar to that of a handheld camera while the easing in and out option starts and finishes the video at a nice slower speed along the camera path.

Now let’s talk about editing a key frame To edit an existing key frame, simply click on a specific triangle on the timeline or click on one of the cameras on the path to open up the Key frame Editor This is where you can make adjustments such as changing the location of the camera. You can also use these arrows here to easily move between key frames like so. Just make sure you click Apply to save the changes before moving to another key frame, otherwise it will not save.

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You can use the Append option to add a new key frame on the Camera Path. Just click on Append, and Move the camera to a position you like, then click here to confirm the new key frame position.

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If you want to remove the currently selected key frame, just click the Delete button or press DEL on your keyboard, Another way to add a key frame is by clicking on the camera path itself. As you can see in the preview, the camera flies a little too close to the tree, so I can add a key frame by clicking here, then make adjustments, and save it.

There we go, that’s better There are other controls that you can use to add various effects to the animation. These include Time of Day, Timestamp, Field of View, and Depth of Field. Let’s start with Timestamp is especially useful for adjusting the speed of the camera.

For example, if I want to slow down the camera speed of this animation, I can go to the last key frame and adjust the timestamp here. You can use this option here to adjust the time of day of your animation or create a time-lapse effect like so.

First, go to the first key frame, turn on Time of Day, and apply the changes. Then go to the next key frame, change the time of day, and save it. There we go, pretty easy, huh?

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You can also add a little movement between the key frames to make it look even better Zoom Effect You can use Field of View to determine the angle of the camera lens to capture the whole scene or zoom in on a small portion of your model. You can also create interesting effects like this by adding movement to your camera as well. Depth of Field To enable the Depth of Field option, you first have to turn it on in the Settings. For the amount, you can experiment to see what works best for you. Then you need to turn AutoFocus off Next, go to the first key frame and Adjust the Focal Point, then click apply.

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And do the same for your second key frame, then save it. This feature to is useful for creating emphasis on a specific part of the scene There we go, now that you know how it works, use these tips to create an awesome animation.

Once you create a camera Path that you like, make sure to use this button here to Save it, otherwise it will be lost when you Exit Enscape. This way, you can easily load it later in case you require it. Once you’re happy with the Preview Animation, You can export it.

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First, let’s take a look at the Export Settings by going to the Capture Tab in the Settings Window. Here we want to pay attention a couple of things. First is Resolution. I usually set mine to 1080p But you can try 4K as well. Then, for the Video Compression Quality, I set it to Maximum.

And for FPS, or Frames per Second, 30 is good enough for me. Sometimes your animation may look a little blurry because or the speed of the camera, if so, then you can turn down the motion blur effect on this tab here.

When you’re ready, just hit this button here to export your Animation. And that’s how you can make an animation using Enscape 2.3 for Sketchup.

And that’s it! Congratulations! You’ve established it through the entire schedule! Did you learn something new in this Create an Animation in Sketchup with Enscape article? Do me a speedy spare and tell us which tip you liked “the world’s largest” in the comments below right now.

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