8 Important Differences EyeCAD VR vs Enscape, Which is Better?

Differences EyeCAD VR vs Enscape, Which is Better? – Designers ever look for realistic makes for their projection; it is the key to earn the praise of the client because it renders a preview of the final results before construction sites. Two of the most famous rendering engines on the market nowadays are EyeCAD VR vs Enscape. So, which one offers better answers?

We’ve posted about many furnish comparing before, like Vray and Cycles, Vray and Lumion, Enscape and Vray, Vray and Corona etc. It’s just to say that we received these question many times, and that was a good reason to help 3D artists present their work in the best way possible.

EyeCAD VR vs Enscape, Which is Better?

In this article, we will talk about two plugins: EyeCAD VR vs Enscape to see which one of them offers the best options.

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1. EyeCAD VR vs Enscape in General


It is a rendering plugin. It can be synced to all 3D modeling platforms, whether it’s CAD or BIM. It is augmented reality software, which conveys it helps you import, make changes, prepare the project, and finally render and get realistic views.


It is a real-time rendering plugin; it can be associated with SketchUp, Revit, ArchiCAD, and Rhino. The plugin facilitates decorators to create reasonable furnish with impressive results.

2. Modeling and interface EyeCAD VR vs Enscape


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This one here is a rich segment of software. It offers you a lot of pleasant facets, that are different from the ones that we can find in other return application. The software has 2 primary important options in the generate process, which are real-time rendering and the virtual reality option. These two are very important when doing all the necessary modifications to the object. It is contributing to gain a good deal of experience and act, and you can also preview and check instantly all the revisions you apply to your project.

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The software also offers the dynamic environment option, you are eligible to lent an HDR picture of the sky so that your make gets a realistic aspect. In addition, the application is contributing to integrate your programme into its actual situation on the map which is a very important point.

Another important incorporated in the application is the interactive flame. Light-footed is the key to a good realistic portrait, unlike Vray that takes a lot of time to set up lighting, it is an easy step in EyeCAD VR.

The software has also a rich library full of objects and materials where you can set up the different compositions and compute all the objects you need to complete your project.

The software is compatible with a large variety of modeling software like SketchUp, Revit, ArchiCAD, Cinema 4D, Rhino, Maya, Blender, and 3CAD Evolution.

The digital altitude map helps you also integrate your job into its real situation. It is referred to an actual map database where you can even specify the height of buildings–this option is supported by GIS technology.


Its sailing plan is the best. Unlike other make planneds, you don’t need endless time to set up the camera, textiles, igniting, and the entire configuration related to the rendering. Enscape has various functions.

It is a versatile software, and it can be used to render large-hearted urban programmes or even small objects. The plugin can sync to multiple sit software, give real-time and virtual reality options. It goes to show you all the distinct alters that you apply to your representation directly.

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The software has a large variety of components in its library. The ingredient of the pose software can work perfectly; nonetheless, if you want to add more things like people, weeds, or objects, these components can be revised easily according to the project’s needs.

Through this plugin, you can have a visit inside the project to choose the best inclinations for your renders and too to see all the changes you exploited. In addition to providing that, it has a clash detector system, which is a very important option to avoid errors while working and to avoid them during construction.

The camera setting in Enscape is really good; you can control the camera, choose a good inclination, and set up the thought according to the guiding directions. This option helps you get a realistic render. It is likewise better “if youre using” a human scale when choosing the view.

Materials trains in Enscape are very advanced. It has excellent switch over thoughtfulnes, refraction, and also has a bump map option for more realistic results.

Another special option for Enscape is the ability to add phones to the project. This option will bring the project to life by adding the resonate of flood, spray, fowls, or even the crowd of the city, for example. This option can be realized by auto-loading an MP3 file, and you can also control the intensity and the radius of the resonate to seem more realistic.

3. Establisheds: EyeCAD VR vs Enscape


It has a lot of shortcuts, you can use the keyboard or the check to control the work easily. It also has over 500 substances available and you can mounted them with simple coding-free implements. You can also change and set up objects according to your assignment needs.

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The software helps you set up the environmental issues by establishing flows, properties, and all the objects related to the exterior. You can also put your project in a specific situation by setting up the weather accomplishes like sunbathe, gloom, sprinkle, and you can also change the time today or night.


You can set up the lighting by controlling the sun’s direction. You can also specify the resolution and the size of your likenes. Besides that, you can add reasonable grass by activating the option of 3D grass, which will give you better reasonable results.

4. Rendering and Animation EyeCAD VR vs Enscape


Rendering personas in it can reach 4K solution, which is a top-level detail. You can also form stupefying livings, spray simulations, reasonable 3D grass and so much more.


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The real-time option offers a preview immediately on the mannequin when impelling the changes. It is a great option to help decorators command and represent the necessary changes and to gain time. It has also impressive control over igniting and shadows.

The plugin has also a rich library full of different qualities to offer better reasonable interprets at the end. No matter what program you use, the results will be the same with Enscape.

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You can also use the same texture as the sit software; it will be presented reasonable in case you don’t want to change a specific material, employing the library of Enscape. Besides that, it is possible to render epitomes, 360 deg panoramic situations, and even animations.

5. Pricing and Availability EyeCAD VR vs Enscape


It has a version for both Mac and Windows. The pricing of the application starts from $240.53. The software has three different versions.

EyeCAD VR starts for novices, and it offers good facets to start with. Its price is 399EUR. EyeCAD VR Advanced has more facets related to the quality of the yield, environment, igniting, and other tone alternatives. This copy has more than 400 physically-based returns or substances. Its expenditure is 799EUR.

The last explanation, which is the EyeCAD VR Pro that computes environment, terrain, macrocosm delineate, and video meeting, extremely. Its price is 1199 EUR.


It is not an expensive software compared to other rendering software; it is affordable, especially for small businesses and students. The pricing of Enscape is $47 per month. It also offers 14 periods of free test to try the software before buying it. Likewise, the software has a version of Windows and Web-based, but it is not available on MAC hitherto. You can check the official website for more information.

6. Learning Curve EyeCAD VR vs Enscape


It can be considered as a simple piece of software to use. Its boundary looks like Lumion so it can be easily controlled by anyone, even those who aren’t designers or designers.


It is an easy plugin to use; it is a user-friendly plugin. Anyone can learn to use the plugin in small amounts of go. It is a great option for rookies and for those individuals who scarcely started influencing 3D yielding application. It is too a great option for small businesses.

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The software is new in the market, but it made a lot of progress in terms of supply aspect and in terms of the option that it offers to users–with every new version, it developed even more.

7. Industries that use them EyeCAD VR vs Enscape


is used principally by inventors and interior designers. It can also be used by hobbyists and people who are passionate about design in general.


It can be used by designers and designers. It can be used in the construction industry to render big city jobs, buildings, interior infinite, or even small objects.

8. Computer Configuration EyeCAD VR vs Enscape


This is a demanding sort of software. It needs a high-performing computer as well with doubled graphic cards, an 8 GB RAM, an i5 CPU, and 4 GB GPU

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This is a heavy type of software. It challenges a high-performing computer with a powerful processor and two graphic placards for a better and faster workflow. So, it is better to invest in getting high-performance hardware to get the best results from Enscape.

Do you know which is better between EyeCAD VR vs Enscape? If you did, give me a quick backup and let me know which implementation you’ve decided on in the comments below.

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