Easy Way to Make SketchUp Shortcut

Easy Way to Make SketchUp ShortcutShortcut is a combination of several buttons that when pressed simultaneously able to react to perform the command we want, or more clearly shortcut it keys quickly to perform a command on the computer.

The use of shortcuts possible for beginners is often ignored. It actually shortcutlah the most influential of our modeling speed. It may at first be very heavy to memorize all the existing shortcuts, but this is what you need most to do modeling quickly.

Easy Way to Make SketchUp Shortcut

Do you ever find yourself using the same tool over and over again, asking yourself why there isn’t a Sketchup shortcut for it? It can really become a pain when you want to use a tool quickly and you have to click the same three buttons over and over and over…. Not fun. Lucky for you there’s a quick and easy way to create your own Sketchup shortcuts for the tools you use most often! Follow these simple steps below and you’ll be flying through your projects in no time:

Create the Shortcut SketchUp

Window>preferences>shortcuts. Click on window>preferences and then select “shortcuts” from the system preferences window. To the right, there will be a list of functions to choose from.
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Tools/section plane. Select “tools/section plane” from the list of fuctions. In the “add shortcut” box, type in a letter or symbol you would like to use for the shortcut. Try to think of a symbol that corresponds with the tool so it is easy to remember. In this case, “/.”

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Click +. When you have chosen a symbol, click “+” to assign it. If a letter or symbol is already being used, a window will pop up asking if you would like to reassign the symbol. If you would, select “yes.” If you would like to select a different symbol, select “no” and try a different one.

Hit ok. When you successfully assign a symbol, you will notice the letter or symbol you chose now appears in the “assigned” box. Click “ok” to close the system preferences window and test out your new shortcut.

Test shortcut SketchUp

Tools>section plane. If you hover over tools>section plane, you will see the symbol you assigned next to it. This is a quick way to see the assigned symbol in case you ever need a quick reminder of what you selected.

Press /. Press “/” (or whatever symbol you assigned) and the section plane tool should automatically appear. You can now quickly access the section plane tool with the press of a button! No more clicking a bunch of buttons to get to one tool.

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Follow these steps and you can create custom Sketchup shortcuts for any tool, or you can use it to customize your work flow needs. You can even use the same steps to edit current shortcuts if you would like to select a different symbol that is easier for you to use or remember.

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