7 Differences Vray vs Enscape Which is Better?

7 Differences Vray vs Enscape Which is Better? – Designers ever look for realistic makes for their projection; it is the key to earn the praise of the client because it renders a preview of the final results before construction sites. Two of the most famous rendering engines on the market nowadays are Vray and Enscape. So, which one offers better answers?

We’ve posted about many furnish comparing before, like Vray and Cycles, Vray and Lumion, Enscape and EyeCad VR, Vray and Corona etc. It’s just to say that we received these question many times, and that was a good reason to help 3D artists present their work in the best way possible.

7 Differences Vray vs Enscape Which is Better?

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When it comes to rendering, the final point that would determine which one would you choose is the details. In other messages, your assignments don’t only are dependent upon your sit and texturing abilities( although it’s very important ). In such a competitive industry, you would want your work to stand out and catch the eyes of the targeted audience. Note that the result of using these render instruments depends on the software you’ll use ( Blender, Sketchup, Maya etc). However, it’s not the only thing: our Vray vs Enscape Face-off today will be axed around 7 positions. But before we dive in, let’s have a brief overview on our two rivals today before we dive in

Vray: is a rendering engine that collaborates with Sketch-up to deliver realistic renders. It is also used in the VFX and cinema spawning. It is one of the strong products in the design industry.

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Enscape: gives photo-realistic yield employing the latest techniques for better ensues. It was designed in 2013, and since 2015 the software gained a great deal of success, used in over 80 countries, and “its on” the index of top 100 architectural firms. It collaborates with multiple BIM and CAD software.

1. Modeling and interface

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It’s considered as a tool or a plug-in. It collaborates with Sketch-up. All the sit is shaped with Sketch-up, Vray is used only for the return part. Its boundary is simple, and it is integrated with Sketch-up’s interface–it doesn’t contain a lot of tools and options.

The first option that the user needs to manage is the Vray asset editor, with which you can change the materials of any objective. Vray contain a large variation of materials for the interior and the exterior and too natural or artificial, by choosing the material the user too can configure it by controlling the color of the material, the opacity, the thought, the refraction, and contributing more texture and other different options. It is too possible to download and export cloths in Vray according to the project needs.

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In addition, Sketch-up offers different objects for the igniting, such as sunlight, SPOT light, rectangle daylight, sphere light-headed, IES light, Omni light, and dome light-headed. All these types can be controlled and customized. The consumer can specify the vigour of the light-footed, the shade, and the size as basic parameters.

The engine also has another good option, which is asset creation, admitting the user to have multiple creations alternatives according to its required in the occupation. Some of these inventions are extra texture for most realistic renders, world-wide illumination to add more light-colored, shadows, self-illumination, background, and others. The software also has a good alternative for photo treatment after the render to modify exposure, distinguish, complexions offset, and saturation.


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On the other hand, Enscape with its great option” Virtual Reality” that helps users abbreviate hour and money for the client. This option returns the possibility to walk inside the project and discover all the aspects and the details of the design. This action, the customer can have a real vision of the results before the construction, the changes can be made before finishing the pose, and helps to avoid lapses at work. In addition, this option utters the user live in an overwhelming reality; it drives by linking headphones of virtual reality, like oculus rupture S or HTC wive, and a user is ready to discover the project.

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It runs perfectly in big-scale programmes, with the same workflow for small projects and with the same quality and causes. The application is also a great coordination tool between different parts of the project; it also contributes to the detection of the collisions, to avoid mistakes early in the project.

Thanks to the real-time option, the user gets to have a visit inside the project to navigate and check all the details from different slants. It is also a good option to see the different modification pertained on the mannequin directly.

Another good option in Enscape is the collaborative annotation is when a user publishes any alters relative to the project; all the other parts of the project get the information. A user can also adjust the clouds, concentration, hodgepodge for better feeling to pair the representation; this convert will affect the brightness of the render “its also” possible to control the time of the day, computed some accomplishes succeed the depth of the field…etc.

The software has a large variety of objectives: greenery, parties, furniture supplementaries, vehicles to lighting, and houses. It collaborates with Revit, Sketch-up, ArchiCAD, Rhino and Vectorswork.

2. Settings


It volunteers a great deal of installs. The user can specify the engine rendering, CPU or GPU. It is also possible to specify the quality from low-pitched, medium to high-pitched. As for the camera, the user can choose from three natures: standard, VR geometry camera, or VR cubemap. The customer can also activate or deactivate the exposure and even specify its value, which has a relation with the camera’s sense to the light. It is likewise possible to use the DoF or the depth of domain and effects.

Additionally, it is possible to specify the resolution of the image or choose one of the options that the aspect ratio offers and include a background for external rendering.

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It proposals also other advanced name for professional study, like denoiser, world beam, boosted camera parameters, hue mapping…etc.


It also offers a lot of lays, commencing with buttons and mouse configuration to settings related to rendering style. This alternative can help users to change the style of rendering in Enscape by changing the outline and the state, Enscape offers three kinds of modes, white procedure with synopsi 0 %, white-hot state with brief descriptions of 25% or white-hot mode with sketch 75%. The consumer can also choose polystyrol mode and set up the transmitting, which controls the quantity of ignited transmitted through geometry. When use these two modes, it better to use too the dump delineates option for better making results.

3. Learning swerves

For Vray: learning “its easy to”. For a fledgling, it doesn’t take a lot of time to understand the few options and implements that exist, but for more advanced work and for most realistic makes it is better to have training or to watch lessons to get to know the different configuration and to have more detailed work.

For Enscape: is so easy to handle, working in collaboration with, and to configure. The tools and the options are simple, so it does not require any training. It is the perfect software for students and apprentices in the design industry.

4. Industry that use them

Vray: is employed a lot in the design industry by inventors and interior designers; it is also used in the filmmaking industry, media, and presentation, and likewise automotive.

Enscape: is utilized a lot in the construction field, in the interior design industry, landscape architecture, and furniture design.

5. Rendering and animation

Vray has a great strong give machine. The results are so close to reality, especially for the interior design part. Vray compensates a lot of importance to the materials, igniting, settleds before the renders, and a good deal of other configuration related to the render, such us contributing composition, thoughtfulnes and refraction. All these factors play a huge role in the research results last-minute. It is likewise possible to revise the interpret last-minute in the same window.

There is an option to edit the lighting, the compare, the remaining balance of the emblazons, and the saturation–no need to use another software for photo treatment. A simple supply can take only a few minutes, but if the project is big with a lot of objects with economically more advanced designates, the interpret can take some time.

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Enscape can yield any type of project, interior, and exterior, scenery, hotels, airfields, country house etc. The software also comes with an substantial library full of components; it is also compatible with the components and the qualities of the pose application. The results of the render are so realistic. The supply machine provides you with a jam-pack of defining to control lighting, thoughtfulnes, epoch and sunshine direction for better results.

Although Vray offers an animation alternative, it is not advanced; it is realise only to create small animations or small videos around an objective. Enscape, on the other hand, offers the living and videos alternative and likewise panoramic pictures–it is a complete make software.

6. Computer requirements

Vray is definitely a powerful device. For novices and students, it is possible to use a medium configuration computer for a medium employ. But for better and more advanced work, especially for professionals and companies, it is better to use a workstation with a strong processor and two graphic posters and too an advanced ventilation system.

Same case for Enscape! It is better to use a workstation, specially when users work on a big urban project to accelerate the workflow and to have quick results.

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We’ve posted a amply detailed section about how to buy a computer as a 3D master, so feel free to check it out if you still have doubts.

7. Pricing and license

Vray is available for Sketch-up, Rhino, 3DS Max, Revit …, and since these can run on Windows and MAC, automatically Vray does so. For pricing, it is $ 350 per year. Take a look at the official website for more information.

Enscape’s price is $47 per month, and it is $ 679 per year with 14 days trial free of charge to test the software before buying it. The software is available only on spaces , no MAC version nor IOS until now. You can check the official website for more information.

Do you know which is better between Enscape vs vray? If you did, give me a quick backup and let me know which implementation you’ve decided on in the comments below.

So the information we can convey, hopefully useful about 7 Differences Vray vs Enscape Which is Better? above

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