9 difference SketchUp Free and Sketchup Pro?

What is the difference SketchUp Free and Sketchup Pro? – Design of content is a process that is not humanly possible to execute without the use of software. There are numerous software programs that can be used to help in making to reality the specific characteristics of theoretical concepts

It is impossible to procreate the content of the design humanly without exerting the application. Different kinds of software were available in the market To impel the design or the imagery into actuality. This software helps to produce a sit for your theoretical concepts. The SketchUp and SketchUp pro are two versions of the amazing software.

The difference between SketchUp and SketchUp Pro is that their explanations. SketchUp is the basic version, and SketchUp Pro is the professional version. SketchUp does not support the CAD function, while SketchUp Pro supports the CAD roles. SketchUp does not have thought tools, and the SketchUp Pro has numerous illusion implements. The portrait tone is lower in SketchUp when compared to SketchUp Pro.

SketchUp is a 3D modeling and design program owned by Google and released as a freeware. The main target market of the product is a home user who would need the parcel for personal employment. This is a great program for the inexperienced newcomer to start working with.

Design planneds that come laden with technical jargon may scare off people who are genuinely interested in the design program facets. SketchUp is an excellent program for designing, as it has eliminated all of the technological design language that may be seen as an impediment. Likewise, layout is aided by the several indications and stimulates that are offered to ensure completion of the started design. An amazing feature that Google SketchUp has is auto completion, whereby the program can predict relatively intelligently what you have in mind as a intend feature, helping you save a lot of era when creating abstract designs.

Although a freeware, the functionality of Google SketchUp is not lacking, with an appealing user interface and a well laid out toolbar. Instructor motivates and clues will be indicated on the right of the screen. When the creation that was in mind is done, you can post the it for the world to see on Google Earth or you are eligible to even geotag the creation to a specific location. Google’s 3D Web Warehouse admits easy emailing of the accomplished design.

Google SketchUp Pro is the professional version of Google SketchUp and the main target is decorators who require the use of CAD software. The application is peculiarity laden and the hear swerve of the software is quite low, as the specific characteristics of the programme follows Google SketchUp. Some peculiarities SketchUp Pro has are not available in the more basic form, such as exporting schemes to CAD and text and graphics layout.

Just as in SketchUp, SketchUp Pro scarcity technological language when using the program, which could improve the learning curve and learning seasons. It also has helpful intimates that they are able to leader a used in the event they are not very conversant with the program. The benefits offered by SketchUp Pro form 3D trace quite easy, as the application is user friendly. SketchUp Pro too allows for use of Google Earth in upload of creations. One main challenge that has been noted in the use of SketchUp Pro is that some of the CAD functionality is limited. If the process of drafting domed faces is necessitated, challenges might be faced as the program cannot handle these.

I get asked all the time about which copy of SketchUp is best to use for interior design purposes and what the difference is between the free and the give copy of the software, so in this post I am going to share the pros and cons of the free versus Pro explanations so you can make an informed decision about which version is best for you.

SketchUp Options

SketchUp have a number of different options to choose from including SketchUp Free, SketchUp Shop, SketchUp Pro and SketchUp Studio. If you want to use SketchUp for interior design intents – e.g. for work with design purchasers or to assist you blueprint or refurbish your dwelling – then the versions I recommend you think about are either SketchUp Pro or SketchUp Free.

What is the difference SketchUp Free and Sketchup Pro?

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Below I will briefly saunter you through the pros and cons of each of these options so you can make an informed choice on what works best for your situation.

SketchUp Free

SketchUp Free is a good way to get started with modelling and to try SketchUp out and see if you like it. As the specify hints, this edition is a completely free web-based application so you are required to an internet connection to access and use it.

The free version of the programme would suit people who are doing basic modelling for simple residence renovation activities or who exactly want to play around with the software a bit and identify “what its like”. It is also great as you can access it anywhere that you have internet connection.

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But there are some cons to the free form of SketchUp. The most crucial to point out if you are a designer wanting to use SketchUp for your client programmes is that SketchUp Free can’t be used for commercial roles – so this version won’t suit you. The free explanation is also best suited to simple modelling. It doesn’t have the ability( like SketchUp Pro) to be able to import CAD (. dwg) enters and there are other limitations placed on your modelling as well( e.g. you can’t add custom-built qualities in SketchUp Free nor can you use custom modes – among other limits ).

SketchUp Free also has a different interface to SketchUp Pro – so if you think you’ll eventually want to use the Pro version then I would recommend you start with that edition from the start. You may find swapping between the two different interfaces annoying( I know I do when I need to move away from SketchUp Pro to do things in the free form when I’m assist my SketchUp students ).

SketchUp Free also has some limitations is available on how much you can save. You have access to limited cloud located storage and this will fill up instantly if you’re doing complicated modelling in the programme.

But, as referred to, SketchUp Free is a good arrange to start if you aren’t absolutely convinced SketchUp more and devoted it is free it is a pretty good option for motif fanatics.

SketchUp Free features

It has limited aspects which include :

  • 10GB Cloud Storage through Trimble connect,
  • customer support by SketchUp community,
  • Limited Downloads of 3D warehouses,
  • Standard model see on iOS& Android machines, and
  • Basic interoperability that entails it can only support SKP& STL Import file natures and STL& PNG export file types.

This plan is best suited for personal help. If you are searching for a SketchUp program for a company, for example, this may not be the best option.

Besides, since it is a web-based application, you can only use its features while online and thus requires a very good internet connection.

What can SketchUp Free do?

To choose the best SketchUp plan, you have to understand what you can do and what you cannot do abusing the plan so that you can gauge if your design needs will be taken care of.

If you sign on for a SketchUp Free account and log into your account, you will have the following at your disposal to use :

  • SketchUp for Web
  • 3D Warehouse
  • Extension Warehouse
  • SketchUp Viewer
  • SketchUp Community Forums

In SketchUp Free Plan, you will be able to use all the above applications for free except Sefaira, used for early-stage analysis by designers who care about building performance, which you will require to buy.

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Each of the above works has a specific use and we shall look into each below.

SketchUp for Web

This is where you do all your 3D modelling where there is the SketchUp Fee plan. If you click on the” Start Modeling” button, you will be directed to a page where you will choose whether to create a brand-new layout or open the existence of the design.

If you have an existing design that you want to open and do edits on, you should click on open and then select the project from your gloom storage. If the design is in your computer, you will have to first upload it into the massed storage to access it through SketchUp Free.

If you choose to create a brand-new design, you will be required to choose a template with the measurements( foot and inches, millimetres, or meters) that you are pleasant with. Once you select that, you will be taken to the designing and posing stage where you can start sucking, designing and posing what it is you want.

3D Warehouse

This provides you with a selection of previously designed SketchUp prototypes of various things like chairs, bathtubs, kitchen sinks, etc. These come in handy when you are working on your design in the SketchUp for Web. It saves you the time of having to design and choose some of these common appliances.

To use any of the design modelings, you click on it and download it and then open it in the SketchUp for Web. The accessible modelings in SketchUp Free intention are however limited.

Extension Warehouse

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This provides you with some postponements for customizing your 3D frameworks. You can use this section to perform some tasks like extraction, welding joints, stooping, etc.

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When using the SketchUp Free contrive, the selection is however limited to only those that are free.

SketchUp Viewer

After doing all your work exploiting SketchUp, you use SketchUp Viewer to share your work with your colleagues and partners so that they can also end the simulation.

To use the SketchUp viewer, nonetheless, you will have to download it into your computer or mobile phone

SketchUp Community Forums

This is the platform where you can learn SketchUp, interact with fellow designers and also contribute to threads.

SketchUp Pro

SketchUp Pro is one of SketchUp’s paid concoctions and is the version that I use( and most designers use ). This edition of the software be appropriate for both commercial and personal use and would definitely be my recommended alternative if budget allows.

The enormous thing about SketchUp( compared to other normally used application options in the design industry) is that it is not only vastly cheaper, it also has a much lower learning curve, signifying it is much faster to get proficient at consuming SketchUp than something like AutoCAD or Revit. In fact, I have had students in my SketchUp course who have gone from not knowing how to draw a single direction in SketchUp to being able to create a full house model in as little as 4 daytimes!

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But as with the free form there are some pros and cons that come with SketchUp Pro as well – although in this case the pros do outweigh the cons!

A really good thing about SketchUp Pro is that you get two permissions with your purchase so you can have one on your desktop and one on your laptop – and can access it anywhere! You don’t need an internet connection to model so this can be done offline.

You purchase the software on an annual subscription prototype, which helps to keep the costs lower than other blueprint software that is on the market. And one of the best things about SketchUp Pro is that it comes with a complimentary slouse of application announced Layout that allows you to create professional glean gives from your 3D formations – for example scaled programs, raisings, igniting and electrical means and other rendition substantiates as well.

Inside SketchUp Pro you can altogether customise your representations by importing real-world textures and lending these to your simulates( e.g. wallpaper, dye emblazons, wall finishes, joinery finishes etc .), you can change your drag styles( e.g. present in full colour, paw gleaned sketch and stacks of other styles ), you can create dynamic constituents( e.g. kitchen cabinet that have doorways that open and close) and you can also import CAD (. dwg) data you may have from your architect or draftsperson in to SketchUp Pro and simulate these in to a 3D designing.

There is one draw back about SketchUp Pro with regard to SketchUp Free and that is that it patently involves an annual cost. This fee is more than worth it for decorators who are running their own transactions or for people who will be regularly utilizing the software, but it may not be something that a home renovator would want to outlay for a one off programme.

If you think SketchUp hubbubs interesting, one enormous thing about SketchUp Pro is that you have the option to start with a free 30 daylight contest of the software so you can play around with it and try it out before you commit to purchasing the full annual due.

SketchUp Pro features

Contrary to SketchUp Free which limited available features, SketchUp Pro is a full-featured network and desktop modeller and can be used to create anything.

Its features include :

  • Unlimited Cloud Storage through Trimble connect,
  • Customer support through SketchUp community, email and telephone,
  • Standard model regard on iOS& Android designs
  • Allows Augmented Reality, Virtual reality and Mixed Reality applications for XR headset viewing consuming XR Hololens, WMR, Oculus Rift, Oculus Quest, HTC Vive, and SteamVR.
  • Professional interoperability that allows it to support a wide range of Import and Export File Types
  • Unlimited 3D Warehouse Extensions
  • Unlimited downloads from the 3D warehouse
  • Allows for 2D layouts

This plan is best for professionals as well as students in Primary and secondary schools. It can be downloaded onto desktops while offline.

What can SketchUp Pro do?

The SketchUp Pro propose comes with most of the fancy advanced implements are necessary to 3D pattern and motif productions required by professionals and students.

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SketchUp Pro allows you to access all SketchUp features that include :

  • SketchUp for Desktop
  • SketchUp for Web
  • 3D Warehouse
  • Extension Warehouse
  • SketchUp Viewer
  • SketchUp Community Forums
  • Sefaira

The SketchUp Pro desktop platform provides you with all the tools you require to do a professional 3D model.

If you need to download 3D patterns from the 3D warehouse, you just have to click on the’ Get Models …” open box-like button, which is the third from the right dissolve of the top ribbon. Additionally, you can also upload your 3D mannequins to the 3D storehouse by snap the contiguou button on the right.

To share your 3D posed ingredients, you will have to download the Desktop SketchUp viewer. Once you download it the last button to the right on the top ribbon will become active and you can always use it to share your 3D patterns and 2D blueprints with your colleagues.

It also allows you to do area pattern, representation provide, and walk through animations, among others through its wide range of topics of tools.

Work Presentation Features

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Presentational features are very handy for showing your work to a client. SketchUp Pro has many fancy presentation tools which are not available in the free version.

The most basic way of presenting your SketchUp model is by exporting an image of it, which Free can do, but at a lower quality than Pro.

Professional users needing to make renders out of their 3D models, would find SketchUp Free falls short.

The pro version comes with render-making tools that enhance the image of a 3D model.

While presenting work is usually done with images, animations are what will impact your clients the most. SketchUp Pro boasts the ability to make walkthrough animations – a great, intuitive way of presenting your 3D model.

Just by looking at these features alone it becomes clear SketchUp Free does not have much to offer as far work presentations are concerned, but if that’s not what you need right away, don’t rush with the Pro version just yet.

Terrain Modelling & Solid Tools

Another advantage of SketchUp Pro over SketchUp Free is the “sandbox tools” used for terrain modeling. These tools are a big value to, for example, professional architects.

The terrain modeling tools allow you to realistically simulate the environment for your house 3D model, for example. After you’re done with terrain simulation, simply integrate your 3D house model, and you’ve got a great looking project.

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Besides the sandbox tools, professionals often depend on so-called “solid tools”. Those tools enable you to easily make cutouts, connect two complex shapes together, or even create perfect joinery in a matter of seconds with the overlapping tool.

Say you’ve got a puzzle model and a brick model with joinery, and you’d like the brick to feature the puzzle joinery. You simply overlap the two models and cut out the perfect joinery on the brick model. It’s that easy.

Detailed Plans And Converting PDF Plans To 3D Models

Paired with LayOut, SketchUp’s construction plan making tool, SketchUp Pro becomes a very powerful tool for making great looking, accurate schematics and construction plans. SketchUp also gives you the ability to put your company’s branding on the sides of the construction plans, meaning everything can be done with just one piece of software.

Another handy feature SketchUp Free is short on when compared to SketchUp Pro is the making 3D models from 2D PDF construction plans feature. Simply import the PDF, measure it, and extrude the model into 3D.

To make it easier to model complex shapes, there’s a number of extensions available to download for SketchUp. The extensions can be found on 3D Warehouse, a large online base of 3D models and extensions for SketchUp users.

For example, you might need to model a specific curve out of a solid cube. With the extension, that’s done within seconds and makes your life much easier.

Again, the use of extensions is only available in SketchUp Pro.

System Requirements

Before you try out any copy of SketchUp I would strongly recommend you review the system requirements and check your computer or laptop can administer the software. You will readily find these by search on Google. SketchUp is quite processor intense, so my recommendation if “youre ever” acquiring a computer to use with your modelling is to always try and get the best option you can afford for your budget. If you speak with sales parties in the computer shop and explain the reasons you want to use SketchUp they can help you to make sure that your brand-new computer will be able to handle the application requirements.

Another question I get asked all the time is whether you can use SketchUp on an iPad and the answer to this is that SketchUp does have an app for iPads but this app simply enables you to view and explore accomplished mannequins( which is fantastic for showing buyers ). But you can’t do any actual modelling on an iPad and will need a laptop or desktop for this.

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So I hope you’ve ascertained this speedy outline of the pros and cons of the Free versus Pro versions of SketchUp supportive. If budget allows and you think SketchUp is something you will use regularly then I is certainly recommend you get the Pro version of the software so that you have all the added benefits and aspects that come with this version.

However, if you are a design enthusiast and you’re just interested in doing a few smaller activities with SketchUp then I would start out with SketchUp Free or even the 30 date free test of SketchUp Pro. You can always upgrade later on to the full paid subscription if you find the software is a good fit for you.

Depending on the complexity of your work, you can now choose which of the two SketchUp proposes best dress you. And in case your needs do not fit any of the two SketchUp schedules, SketchUp has other programs, namely SketchUp Studio For Students, SketchUp Studio For Educators, SketchUp for Schools, SketchUp Shop, and SketchUp Studio.

The Conclusion

So, which SketchUp should you choose?

If you already are a professional, but have serious will to learn SketchUp, we’d suggest you get the pro version right away. The reason we say this is fairly simple. As you start learning to use SketchUp, you’ll soon (we hope!) become more advanced and will need the tools only available in SketchUp Pro.

In case you’re starting with 3D modeling, don’t rush into SketchUp Pro. The free version is a great way of sensing the software’s layout, making it easy to decide if SketchUp is for you.

If you like it, practice using SketchUp Free for some time, and later consider upgrading. For sure, SketchUp Pro is not cheap, but its features make the upgrade well worth it.

And if you’re still not sure SketchUp is right for you, check out our roundup of the best SketchUp alternatives.

Do you know which is better between Sketchup Free vs Sketchup Pro? If you did, give me a quick backup and let me know which implementation you’ve decided on in the comments below.

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