10 Best Free Sketchup Plugins For Advanced Modeling

10 Best Free Sketchup Plugins For Advanced Modeling – SketchUp is one of the most widely used architectural modeling applications, for those who are just getting started with software. Many of you, though, will already be familiar with the basics of SketchUp and want to take your modeling skills to the next level.

While the tools that come with the software are useful for most everyday tasks, anyone who has used SketchUp for more than a few days will know that there are a plethora of plugins out there that facilitate amazingly complex forms and ingenious time-saving processes.

10 Best Free Sketchup Plugins For Advanced Modeling

10 best free sketchup plugins for advanced modeling

We’ve compiled 10 of the best free SketchUp plugins that you can use to enhance your modelling results to the advanced

Free Sketchup Plugins Sketchy FFD by CPhillips

Sketchy FFD adds a “control cage” to an object, allowing you to create complex curved, forms from grided surfaces. It raises the possibility of creating domes, arches or free-flowing organic shapes constructed from “weaved” elements or mesh. A full demo is available here, and the plugin can be downloaded here.

Free Sketchup Plugins Memory Copy by Adam Billyard

Memory Copy allows you to copy not only geometry, but also transformations such as the resizing or rotation of said geometry — the tool can “remember” your last move and duplicate it. This makes it a breeze to construct a sweeping staircase … or a perfect stack of Jenga blocks! The plugin can be downloaded here.

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Free Sketchup Plugins JHS Power Bar by CadFather (Max Coppoletta)

Among its many functions, this hugely useful plugin enables you to create an array along a path. A series of components can be quickly placed in a predefined arrangement, perfect for balustrades like the one shown above. A full tutorial can be found here, and you can download the plugin here.

Free Sketchup Plugins Follow Me and Rotate by Wikii

Create detailed rope, twine and ornate balusters with Wikii’s amazing plugin, which combines the traditional “Follow Me” tool with a rotating action to produce twisting geometry. Check out a full tutorial for this tool here, and download the add-on here.

Free Sketchup Plugins Multiple Offsets by Sam D Mitch

Sam D Mitch’s add-on gives you the ability to offset many faces of an object at once, making it possible to create complex, ceiling forms like the sphere illustrated in this GIF — ideal for your model of the Pantheon dome! The plugin is available to download here.

Free Sketchup Plugins Section Cut Face by TIG

Simply add a face to your section plane with this useful plugin. The face can be quickly modified, changing its color for presentation purposes, and it can also be set to update automatically as you edit your model. The add-on can be downloaded here.

Free Sketchup Plugins SubD and QuadFaceTools by ThomThom

When combined with the QuadFaceTools plugin, SubD can be used to produce curvilinear volumes like the one shown above with clean, rationalized subdivisions. This is helpful when modeling complex domes and parametric shells. SubD can be downloaded here, while QuadFaceTools can be found here.

Free Sketchup Plugins Curviloft by Fredo6

Fredo6’s hugely popular Curviloft allows you to generate surfaces from contours, making it ideal for creating curvilinear, organic volumes like those of renowned firm Zaha Hadid Architects. This essential plugin can be downloaded here.

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Free Sketchup Plugins CLF Shape Bender by Chris Fullmer

Chirs Fullmer’s amazing tool allows you to bend an entire component or group, so you can create bespoke windows, doors and details for curved walls and roofs. You can watch a complete tutorial for this extension here, and the plugin can be downloaded here.

Free Sketchup Plugins Animator by Fredo6

Another brilliant extension created by Fredo6, Animator enables you to create moving parts with your SketchUp model with ease. Simply create the first and last frames of the movement you want, then hit play and watch your dynamic model shift into motion. Download Animator here.

Finally, make sure to check out the guidelines and manuals by the developers to understand the full potential of these SketchUp plugins and good luck with your modeling!

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